How To Ride A Motorcycle And Sidecar

If two things were ever meant to go together, a Ural motorcycle and sidecar would be it. Not surprisingly, this combination is used to show exactly how to ride with a sidecar.

Before describing why this particular video was chosen, some background of the Ural motorcycle.

As of 2014 URAL motorcycles have four-stroke, fuel injected air-cooled, flat-twin engines, a four speed gear box with reverse gear, shaft drive, two disc dry clutch, spring shock absorbers, and disc brakes on all three wheels. They are as equally known for being designed with a sidecar in mind as Ural’s are recognizable for its classic design.

Notoriously rugged motorcycles, they’re built in Russia with its roots traced back to the Eastern Front during World War II. A polite term of the Ural being ‘modelled after’ the then BMW R71 is often used when discussing how the rugged design came about. In reality Soviet engineers in Moscow dismantled the five of the BMWs, reverse engineered the BMW design in every detail and made molds and dies to produce engines and gearboxes in Moscow.

Initially, the "URAL" was built for the military only. In the late 1950s, the KMZ plant in Ukraine assumed the task of supplying the military, and the Irbit Motorcycle Works (IMZ) focused on making bikes for domestic consumers. They continue to build and sell the iconic motorcycle worldwide.

Today’s pick is a humorous tutorial of how to ride a motorcycle with a sidecar and even if a biker never intends to, it’s worth three minutes to watch this video.

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